Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hump Day

Here we go again. I saw the biggest loser last night and WOW!!!! if this doesn't inspired people to lose weight I don't know what will. Personally I have a lot of excuses as to why I do not make it to the gym. I am paying 20 dollars a month and I haven't gone in a while. My friend and BFF Britta trys to motivate me but I am hard headed. But I do have a lot of commitments outside work. With School it is hard, classes are getting harder and I am burn out. I need sometime off and I am glad whem the 22nd comes, that means I have two weeks off but I know I have to read, read and read. I think I lost some weight with the pills my doctor gave me. I am not eating a lot but I can choose healthier food. But I know in my heart that by next year I am going to be the weight I want to be. right now I am weighing at 230 pounds and I am going to be at least the minimum 190 pounds, with the ultimate goal of 180 or 175 pounds. That is my goals for next year. So far I have achieve everything that I wanted to achieve. Not in the time frame that I suspected but I did reach them. I know I have what it takes but it is all mental

The pic is my inspiration. Ricky Martin....What a god. LOL


Monday, December 15, 2008

I am back

It has been a few weeks since I posted. I have been busy with school work and the whole holiday crap. I don't mean to sound like a humbug...but it seems so commercialized that I don't even want to think about it. It is depressing. But in the event of the "spirit" of x-mas or the holidays as is now called not to offend anyone.. I went shopping on Friday...and I can't wait to get it done.. so than life can be normal...

Oh yeah here is my x-mas wish......LOL


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today is a good day for me. I just word that my company is changing the way they paid our vacation. We are going to get our vacation paid when we actually take it instead of the one lump sum check in june. Yeahhhh, now I can plan a vacation or take time off and get paid before the spring. Today I am going to the gym and hopefully get on track. I started my tow new classes, Finance and intro to Acounting great but I think these two are going to get harder. I keep thinking that it is going to get easier but it hasn't yet. Oh well that is what college is for.

I am hoping that I did well with my last two final and to add to the stress of school, tax season starts next month and we have to get ready for it.