Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's better Today

I feel like all I am doing is nag on this blogg, but it is a oulet for me. Yesterday I felt like crap when I got home. I was in a crabby mood and I just felt like shit. I did something that bother me and I felt guilty for doing it because that is not how I want to be. I alway saw myself as an a decent person that alway sees the good in people no matter what. I tried not to judge or label people, but it seems that all that is good in me is going down the tube here at work. The environment I am in is not the best in morality and intergrity. It seems that everyone is out to get everyone. There is a lot of lies, deception and bull crap that goes around. The prejudice is in your face and the value of human being is not recognized, although they say it is. The fakeness of people is driving me crazy and I just want to scream. The sad part is that I have to be here and I have to take it because the economy sucks and I haven't been lucky in my job search. Oh well, I guess I just have to make the best of it and ask God to give the strenght and grace to get through another day, "Here in Paradise".

Oh yeah and I want to loose weight, mabye it is me and not this palce... LOL


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Day After

Well, it is the after the Moday blues....I feel better today, it is like detox..I went to bed fairly early last night so that is good. I went to work at the real estate office for a couple of hours, than I visited my sister and my nieces. It was her birthday yesterday. I bought pizza for them and Mike. My wish for today is that I get a call sometime soon about the job that I applied for in Bridgeport. I just want to feel better about my self and I think (hope) is that a new job will do it for me. I know that it really depends on me, but sometimes we need something that will kick us in the ass to get us started. Well that's my thought for now, anyway.


Monday, November 24, 2008

I hate Monday's

I am soooo tired this morning. I went to bed around 12:30, but I finished my school assignmnet.
But the funny thing is how I was thinking about how things have been working out for me.
First I finally get my real estate license and the market crash. I finally went back to school to work on my associates degree with the intention on getting my bachelor and the economy sucks.
So not only do I have to compete with fresh out of college kids, no one is going to give me a chance to get started in the accounting field. If I do I am going to have to take a pay cut which I can not afford to do. This sucks big freaking time. I really hate Monday's especially when I a very tired. Today I have to go to the real estate office and hope to see if anyone wants to buy or sell their home three days before Thanksgiving. LOL

see ya.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another day in Paradise

Well, so much for going to the gym this morning. There is no way I am going to reach my goal weight by not going. My goal weight loose is forty pound and I would like to at least loose tem to fifteen by x-mas. So here I am at work again. Woo freakinig peee, Another day in Paradise.:(